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โš  Advisory โš 

DevOS requires the flakes feature available via an experimental branch of nix. Until nix 3.0 is released, this project should be considered unstable, though quite usable as flakes have been maturing well for a while.


DevOS grants a simple way to use, deploy and manage NixOS systems for personal and productive use. A sane repository structure is provided, integrating several popular projects like home-manager, devshell, and more.

Striving for nix firstโ„ข solutions with unobstrusive implementations, a flake centric approach is taken for useful conveniences such as automatic source updates.

Skip the indeterminate nature of other systems, and the perceived tedium of bootstrapping Nix. It's easier than you think!

Status: Alpha

A lot of the implementation is less than perfect, and huge redesigns will happen. There are unstable versions (0.x.x) to help users keep track of changes and progress.

Getting Started

Check out the guide to get up and running.

In the Wild

The author maintains his own branch, so you can take inspiration, direction, or make critical comments about the code. ๐Ÿ˜œ


NixOS provides an amazing abstraction to manage our environment, but that new power can sometimes bring feelings of overwhelm and confusion. Having a turing complete system can easily lead to unlimited complexity if we do it wrong. Instead, we should have a community consensus on how to manage a NixOS system and its satellite projects, from which best practices can evolve.

The future is declarative! ๐ŸŽ‰


I'd love to see this in the nix-community should anyone believe its reached a point of maturity to be generally useful, but I'm all for waiting until 1.0#121 to save the cache work, too.

Community Profiles

There are two branches from which to choose: core and community. The community branch builds on core and includes several ready-made profiles for discretionary use.

Every package and NixOS profile declared in community is uploaded to cachix, so everything provided is available without building anything. This is especially useful for the packages that are overridden from master, as without the cache, rebuilds are quite frequent.

Inspiration & Art


DevOS is licensed under the MIT License.