NvFetcher is a workflow companion for updating nix sources.

You can specify an origin source and an update configuration, and nvfetcher can for example track updates to a specific branch and automatically update your nix sources configuration on each run to the tip of that branch.

All package source declaration is done in sources.toml.

From within the devshell of this repo, run nvfetcher, a wrapped version of nvfetcher that knows where to find and place its files and commit the results.


Statically fetching (not tracking) a particular tag from a github repo:

src.manual = "v0.6.3"
fetch.github = "mlvzk/manix"

Tracking the latest github release from a github repo:

src.github = "mlvzk/manix" # responsible for tracking
fetch.github = "mlvzk/manix" # responsible for fetching

Tracking the latest commit of a git repository and fetch from a git repo:

src.git = "https://github.com/mlvzk/manix.git" # responsible for tracking
fetch.git = "https://github.com/mlvzk/manix.git" # responsible for fetching

Please refer to the NvFetcher Readme for more options.