Quick Start

The only dependency is nix, so make sure you have it installed.

Get the Template

Here is a snippet that will get you the template without the git history:

nix-shell -p cachix --run "cachix use nrdxp"

nix-shell https://github.com/divnix/devos/archive/main.tar.gz -A shell \
  --run "bud get main"

cd devos


git init
git add .
git commit -m init

This will place you in a new folder named devos with git initialized, and a nix-shell that provides all the dependencies, including the unstable nix version required.

In addition, the binary cache is added for faster deployment.

  • Flakes ignore files that have not been added to git, so be sure to stage new files before building the system.
  • You can choose to simply clone the repo with git if you want to follow upstream changes.
  • If the nix-shell -p cachix --run "cachix use nrdxp" line doesn't work you can try with sudo: sudo nix-shell -p cachix --run "cachix use nrdxp"

Next Steps: